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Taste The Love, Feel The Joy

Our peanut butter will put a smile on your face

Pick and choose from 6 of our signature flavours

We combine freshly dry roasted peanuts with the worlds best superfoods 

which have essential vitamins and minerals for your body to be strong.


No hydrogenated oils, palm oil, or trans fat. We don't include other types of artificial flavours and colouringsAll the delicious taste with 

none of the yuck.


Each jar is handmade to order which ensures you get the freshest and most delicious peanut butter your mouth will ever taste.


Spread it, dip it, blend it, bake it, or just eat it right out of the jar. In any case, our delicious peanut butter is good anytime, anywhere, any way.


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I don’t even really care for peanut butter unless it’s in things like smoothies or desserts but I would eat this on its own! Love the consistency and texture with the chia seeds. Other peanut butter's are too sticky but yours is just right!

- Sean

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Good flavour, I enjoy the lightness compared to the heaviness/fattiness feel of other peanut butters on your tongue. The textures with chia seeds is really nice. Also, the light coconut adds another level of complexity and depth. Perfect saltiness level as well.

- Jalen

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I love that it has healthy ingredients and that it also tastes great. Knowing it has good stuff in there makes me want to eat it more and not feel like I shouldn't have eaten it.

- Jasmin